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Alttaki yazıda görüldüğü üzere David Stern  gelecek vaadeden fakat çeşitli sebeplerle NBA takımlarında fazla sure alamayan potansiyelli draft picklerin oyunlarını geliştirmelerine fırsat vermek amacıyla NBDL-NBA arası bir sirkulasyon üzerinde çalıştığı anlatılmakta.NBDL de oynayan genc NBA oyuncuları  ihtiyac duyulduğunda tekrar NBA takımlarına dönebiliecek.Bi nevi Pilot Takım hesabı... Yani NBDL tam anlamıyla bir development lig olacak tabiki systemi uygulamaya koymayı başarabilirlerse ::)Faydalı bir düşünce aksiyon beklioruz STERN paşa!!!

                                Stern plans for true minor league system

Sunday, November 07, 2004

The NBA doesn't guarantee playing time for everyone who skips college and goes straight to the pros.
Detroit's Darko Milicic and the Trail Blazers' Travis Outlaw, among many others, have discovered that. The second-year pros have done far more sitting than playing, which doesn't seem to be doing them, or the league, much good.

NBA commissioner David Stern is working on a plan to create a true minor league system -- similar to the systems used in major league baseball and the NHL -- that would allow player movement between the NBA and the league-owned National Basketball Developmental League.

Stern said this week that he envisions a system with 15 development league teams, each affiliated with two NBA clubs, in which players under the age of 23 or those rehabilitating injuries could be assigned while still earning an NBA salary.

"The players have not warmly embraced the idea as of yet," Stern said Tuesday while attending the Detroit Pistons' opener. "But we hope by constantly repeating it, it will get better."

NBDL president Phil Evans has discussed the commissioner's plan and recognizes what a direct NBA-to-NBDL affiliation could mean to his league.

"The biggest appeal is the potential for star power," Evans said. "As with minor league baseball, you could have some pretty big names coming down and spending some time rehabilitating injuries with NBDL teams. And depending on how the age-limit question gets resolved, you could have some pretty good players in the league who will ultimately be NBA superstars."

Evans said Outlaw is a good example.

"Most people would be in agreement that if he could be playing competitively somewhere and the team could still have the rights to him and could pull him up anytime they needed him that it would make sense," Evans said.

Blazers general manager John Nash endorses the plan.

"It would certainly bode well in this day and age when so many younger players come in and have to basically earn their minutes in practice, and get so little opportunity to play in meaningful game situations," Nash said. "Right now, there are a lot of players languishing on other team's rosters that I can't tell you whether they can or can't play, because they haven't played.

"So, to me, it makes sense. I think anybody who runs an organization would welcome the opportunity to get valuable experience for their younger guys or allow a player coming off an injury to get back in the groove by playing a few games at the minor league level."

Los Angeles Clippers coach Mike Dunleavy said there are several young players around the league who might develop more quickly with the help of a minor league system.

"If you're in a situation where there's a lot of pressure on you to win or jockeying for playoff position, it's tough to play and develop young guys," Dunleavy said. "Even when you want to do it, it's tough to do. But if you had their rights and you had a good staff that's teaching them someplace else, they're going to become more ready.

"Guys develop and learn a lot from being around it and playing in practice, but it would also be nice for them to be able to get real significant minutes."
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